We are here to make parenting better, with happier kids and to take care of the planet, we are living on.

With a background in organic farming, the online universe, a few (read: many) VAT numbers, a huge love for children, learning & development and with a passion for interior design, fashion & sustainability, Sårn ‘CA took the first step.

It all happened at home in the living room, in our small farmhouse, with a good cup of coffee, my husbond and our two little toddlers, Clara (May 2016) & Axel (October 2017), hanging in the furniture … with a lot of careless plastic toys and a home that constantly looked like a playroom. Something had to change! Less plastic and more sustainable toys (longer durability, natural materials, no poison, design & toys with multiple purposes)

The dream of creating an online universe that makes a difference and trying to take care of the planet, that we call home – has become now become a reality. Thank you for coming by, it makes a difference, for me, for us and hopefully for you as well.

Thank you very much – let’s together make life as parents even better! Sårn’CA (sore ‘approx)


Sårn ‘ca … and in English; “just about/sore approx.”. This isn’t an easy brand name to pronounce if you are not from Denmark. But the fact that this “name/phrase” means so much more, than just the lyrics of it – makes it just right!

In fact, our entire family are from south Jutland in Denmark. In this part of Denmark Sårn’CA is a well-known phrase and is often used in the spoken language in Denmark. In our home we use the phrase like this:

“Dinner is served in 5 …sårn’ca (just about/ish)”, “do you know what time it is… sårn’ca (kinda/ish)” or “Well that went well… you know sårn’ca (ish).”

When using the phrase in sentences, it become more relaxed, fun and imperfect. It gives space to one another, makes you smile and let you take deep breaths… And just like that, Sårn’CA turned into more than a ‘word/phrase’. Now it’s also the name of your online baby and kid universe.


My name is Sille H. Quist Duus, back in 2015 I married the love of my life, or the Viking if you will, Anders Quist Duus. Together we have Clara (May 2016) and Axel (October 2017). The pseudo-twins with 17 months in between … Sårn’ CA.

We live on a farm in Aarhus/Denmark – Also called Topkærgaard – We do organic farming and make sustainable and organic eggs. At Topkærgaard we live with my parents; grandmother & grandfather- We have horses, rabbits, sheep, goats and a lot of chickens, we are bad at gardening, we love small building projects and family time.

With Sårn’CA we want to make a difference and contribute to making parenting even more lovely!